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Human Potential & Performance and Self-Leadership

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Most Requested Keynote Topics:

  • ‚ÄúThe Game You Must Win: Winning The Tug of War Between Fear and Strength at Work and in Life‚ÄĚ

  • ‚ÄúYou‚Äôve Got This!: Next Level Mindset for Massive Growth in Your Business And Life

  • ‚ÄúBuilding an I Will Culture: Accountability, Ownership, Results‚ÄĚ


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With years of experience in leadership and organizational development, Will is a speaker who transforms companies from the inside out. In addition to his corporate leadership roles, he has served on the Board of Advisors of the University of Colorado Global Energy Management Masters Program, served as President of the International Coach Federation – Denver Chapter and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Speakers Association and the Meeting Industry Counsel in Denver.

Will provides Keynotes and Breakout Session presentation to companies and associations including: Price Waterhouse Coopers | Twitter | Charles Schwab | Vail Resorts | Hilton | Facebook | State Farm Insurance | Johnson & Johnson | CenterPoint Energy  | Levi's | Northwestern Mutual | Mass Mutual Financial | Jefferies Financial Group | United Way | Energy Systems Group | University of Denver | University of Texas at Arlington | OSHA | Bard Center for Entrepreneurship | Colorado Secretary of State’s Office |
American Staffing Association | National Conference | Women's Energy Network | Institute for Supply Management |
National Convergence | Oregon Public Purchasing Association 


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“If you’re looking for an inspiring speaker that will truly make a difference in the lives of your attendees, I highly recommend Will Matthews. Will spoke recently to the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association in Colorado Springs. His message of Living Boldly through five components of success were especially relevant to this group of hospitality professionals. He asks compelling questions that encourage a deep dive which lead to personal transformation for our audience. Being grateful, expressing resiliency & breaking through old patterns of behavior were just a few of the disciplines he shared. This talk was tailor made for an industry hit especially hard by the Pandemic. Thank you Will for sharing how we can each transform our life to accomplish anything. ”

Laurie Meacham,
World’s Finest Meetings, Program Chair, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International

“We brought Will Matthews into speak at ASA Staffing World, our premier national conference. Not only was he the Subject Matter Expert we were looking for, not only did he have the presentation skills and content that kept our audience fully engaged, not only is Will very likable and charismatic, but from start to finish he was a complete pleasure to work with. Several attendees said that Will was the best speaker of the convention. I can’t think of anybody else that brings that mindset and subject matter expertise of coaching, leadership and professional development. Of course we are going to continue this partnership with Will. ”

Dustin Norwood, SPHR
Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, American Staffing Association

“Extremely highly rated in our participant survey. Great energy, actionable content. Can't wait to have Will back. ”

Tiffany Culp,
Women's Energy Network - Greater Pittsburgh

“I saw Will present at a conference and knew immediately that I wanted him to kick off our client appreciation event. Everyone was thrilled and engaged. We recommend Will for any conference or meeting.”

Shelly Wilkenson,

“Will delivered a highly impactful presentation to ISM-Pittsburgh members in December. Matthews Performance Group was highly recommended by a board member and Will's message on "Finding the Keys to Make This Year a Year of Profit, Professional Growth and Personal Joy" did not disappoint. His positive energy lifted attendees and made them feel empowered to make changes both personally and professionally in the new year. His material was clear, concise, and very transferrable. And, all attendees were provided additional resource materials to further assist them in achieving their goals. I would recommend Will to other professional organizations who want to provide quality, educational experiences and to inspire their members to create sustainable results while adopting a Warrior Mindset! Thank you Will, and thank you to your team for a stress-free, event booking experience.”

Lisa Romango,
Executive Director Institute for Supply Management - Pittsburgh

“We brought will in to speak to our entire company on communication, group dynamics and motivation. We really enjoyed his presentation and he brought a great energy to the team. His presentation was equal parts educational and motivational. Our people unanimously gave very positive feedback on Will and his presentation.”

Cody Sudmeier,
Co-Founder, Agility Solutions

“Frontier hired Will to kick off a retreat to develop new teamwork and leadership strategies within Frontier’s marketing and communications division. Will’s friendly style and his relaxed demeanor allows him to immediately connect with his audience and develop meaningful and focused group discussion… We have since accomplished even our stretch goals.”

Andrew Hudson, Frontier Airlines

Will’s enthusiasm immediately shifted the tone in the room for our EnGen leadership class. His methods are sure to deliver not only career breakthroughs, but personal, everyday ones as well.”

Tisha Conoly Schuller, President & CEO, Colorado Oil & Gas Association

“Will Matthews has played a huge part in the success of our team and our organization.”

Ben Miller, Northwestern Mutual

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             California Staffing Professionals                                      Colorado Staffing Association                                                              Tricom 


             California Staffing Professionals                                      CSP Staffing & Recruiting Conference Association                                                              Tricom 

Clients Include:

Meet Will Matthews

I feel for you. You have the enviable, or perhaps not so enviable, responsibility to find a great keynote speaker for your conference or meeting and everyone you talk to wants something different. Very stressful and sometimes you might feel like there is no way to win. Plus, what if the speaker you pick is terrible.  Hard to say how many months or years you are going to have to hear about that decision.

I have been in your and your audience's shoes and having attended way too many conferences where the speakers were marginal at best, everyone had heard their content before and the energy in the room dropped to new lows.

I am committed to your success and to a game-changing experience for your audience.  In "The Game You Must Win!" and my other keynotes, I blend what I have learned as an Ironman Triathlete, Business Executive and Professional Development Expert to help teams and individuals break through the fear that limits their performance and instead makes it possible to bring their full strength to the table. This results in higher performance, less friction, and a radical new "All-In" commitment level creating tremendous gains in culture and efficiency.

Unlike some speakers, what I share is not conjecture or theory about what creates professional success. Having been an Executive Coach since 2003, I've seen first hand what differentiates those who crush it in their careers from those who are frustrated and not getting the results they want.  In my presentations, I pull back the curtain and reveal the specific patterns, sequence and accelerators  that I have seen repeatedly deliver not only professional results and high-performing teams but also personal fulfillment.

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