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Let's face it, working with others often causes friction, which makes getting things done slower and more expensive, and can even lead to key top performers and high potential future rock stars leaving your company. The extent of your success in business is in direct proportion to your team's ability to do two things:

1.) Powerfully connect, build rapport and build trust with those they work with, including team members, customers and suppliers, and ...

2.) Successfully navigate through times of change

In our experience, improving in these areas will be the single most important thing you do this year to grow your business ... and actually enjoy your job again. 

With these trainings, we can help you succeed!

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# 1: Training Workshops Choices:

  • “What Makes ‘Em Tick and What Ticks ‘Em Off!: The Best Way to Retain Your Rock Stars, Attract ideal Clients, Master Difficult Conversations"

  • “Managing Yourself and Others Through Times of Change”

  • “Handling Difficult Conversations with Confidence, Effectiveness and Grace”

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# 2: The Whole Enchilada: Six to nine month comprehensive course for Emerging Leaders

How important is it to you and your company to attract, retain and develop your next generation of outstanding leaders? New leaders need the practical leadership skills they were never taught in school. This course will make their transition to the next level of leadership not only more effective and efficient but much easier as well.

Click here for more information about how we can help you support and equip your emerging leaders for a successful career.  Critical Support for Emerging Leaders, 2021 or contact us at [email protected] | 720-300-6310.

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You can have the team and results you want


You hired these talented people for a reason, or maybe you inherited them, but although you have tried to give them what they need to succeed, you just aren't seeing the intensity, drive, focus and results that you know they could deliver.  Something is missing, and you and your company need to figure out what - and fast. Matthews Performance Group exists to help you reignite the passion for success by bringing training to your teams based on a single, powerful equation.

Mindset + Skill Set + Execution = Business Success ™


Training that focuses only on improving skills is doomed to fail because it is incomplete. And only helping team members in the science of Mindset, while very critical for success, can only take a team member so far on its own. Lastly, if a team learns new skills and has tools for showing up consistently with a success-focused "Can do, Will do, All-In" mindset but they don't apply what they learn and consistently execute, then the "A-Team" results you seek won't be possible.


If you are interested in learning how we help companies like yours achieve the results you know are possible while dialing up the Team Fun Factor to a 10, schedule a meeting or call and let's talk.


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Become a TEAM of rock stars


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 What some of our clients want you to know ...

“Will Matthews has played a huge part in the success of our team and our organization. Through Will’s group training session and ongoing individual coaching we have developed a powerful leadership team and we have attained the financial results and increased the quality of our work environment in less time than I had thought possible.”

- Ben Miller, Northwestern Mutual, 

“We brought Will in to train our entire company on communication, group dynamics and motivation. We really enjoyed his presentation and he brought a great energy to the team. His presentation was equal parts educational and motivational. Our people unanimously gave very positive feedback on Will and his presentation.”

- Cody Sudmeier,
Co-Founder and Principal, Agility Solutions

“Frontier used Will to kick off a retreat to develop new teamwork and leadership strategies within Frontier’s marketing and communications division. Will’s friendly style and his relaxed demeanor allows him to immediately connect with his audience and develop meaningful and focused group discussion… We have since accomplished even our stretch goals.”

Andrew Hudson, Frontier Airlines, Denver Colorado

Will’s enthusiasm immediately shifted the tone in the room for our EnGen leadership class. His methods deliver not only career breakthroughs, but personal, everyday ones as well.”

Tisha Conoly Schuller, President & CEO, Colorado Oil & Gas Association

"Your workshop on Mastering Rapport and Mastering Your Mental and Emotional State was the highlight of our staff training day. Everyone came out of the session energized and motivated. Your message resonated with our entire staff and has both application in our business and personal lives. We had discussions for days about the concepts, which opened everyone’s eyes to how others view the world. I am already seeing your viewpoints incorporated in our sales and operations execution and we are looking forward to having you back in the near future." 

Steve Bradbury, President, Dingo Mining Pty Ltd


 What actual participants said about their training experience ...

“The group dynamics which Will organizes, leads and keeps track of is truly one of the biggest assets of the program. It’s so easy for a group this large to get off on a tangent and for little of substance to get covered. Will has an amazing way of reeling it back in and doing so with utter respect and perfect candor. “

“Will provided examples of how people have successfully tackled the types of challenges we discuss in each lesson.”

“Will is an engaging instructor who has out performed my expectations.”

“I was very impressed with the curriculum, Will was very supportive us during this course and a very good facilitator of the program. I especially like the strategic thinking outline provided by Will. “

“Will was a brilliant leader.”

“I appreciated the opportunity to participate in the leadership program. Will was clear, informative and played an active role in our classes.”

“I think Will was a great choice for program facilitator and would recommend that we stick with him going forward."

Partial List of Clients

Price Waterhouse Coopers 

Mass Mutual Financial


Vail Resorts

Charles Schwab

CenterPoint Energy


State Farm Insurance

Johnson & Johnson

Energy Systems Group

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Encana Oil and Gas (Ovintiv)

Sunguard Availability Services

University of Denver

Vistage International

Western Energy Alliance

Colorado Secretary of State

OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration)

United Way