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For the last 18 years, achievers at all stages of life and all backgrounds have turned to Matthews Performance Group coaching to help them get what they want out of life FASTER and with more ACCURACY than they would be able to flying solo.

Will and his hand picked certified coaches see the Warrior in you before you can see it in yourself and will help you bring that warrior out so that your success becomes easier and your life becomes better.

The focus of our work together is to implement a system that results in the elimination of limiting beliefs and “blind spots” so that you will breakthrough to the life and business results that you really want. We’ll provide structure, guidance and accountability. Our sessions are a place for you to recharge, refocus and get clear. It’s a confidential environment where you are safe to take risks, explore your options and brainstorm solutions to whatever challenges are keeping you up at night.

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"Working with Will has changed my life in so many great ways. He is the perfect coach: (1) he helps you see a glimpse of what your life and career can be, (2) he provides guidance and suggestions as you pursue that glimpse, and (3) he celebrates with you once you realize your goals.  In my case, those goals included designing and attaining my dream job, improving my level of physical fitness, and learning how to build great memories with my wife and children.  I've achieved all three, and am looking forward to  my next level of achievement!"  

- Michael Kannisto

Talent Acquisition Executive

New York

"The first step to achieving higher levels of mastery in business is getting completely clear about what you want, and then conditioning yourself to expecting great results. As my personal coach, Will Matthews has helped me clarify what I want out of my business for my clients, my family and myself.  Through his coaching, I have made significant progress toward my end result with an increased level of focus, intensity, determination and fulfillment.  The Matthews Performance Group Coaching process has been the difference between excellence and mediocrity; winning and losing." Graham Gerlach, Denver, Colorado

- Graham Gerlach

Financial Services

Las Vegas

"I started my engagement with Will when my career was at a critical crossroads. As I navigated the transition between individual contributor and executive leader, Will was able to help me step back and evaluate what motivated me, what makes other people tick and how to get the best out of the relationship with my team and my peers. Since then, I've been promoted twice in less than a year and have set myself on a career path that's both professionally and personally fulfilling."

- Josh Hadden-Leggett

Customer Experience and Retention Executive



Every day you are ineffective or playing a smaller game is a day you can’t get back.

Our coaches see the talented Warrior in you often before you fully recognize it yourself and guide you to bring that warrior to each and every day so that your success, impact and contribution are amplified and your work and life become better.

You know the life you want, you just have to step into the confidence to steer towards it.

When you hire an MPG coach, you are taking the crucial first step in escaping tedium and embracing the wildly successful life you deserve.

You will have a clear idea of the mindset you must have and practical actions you need to take in order to find like-minded people and professional success.

The result is a life full of love, strength, and focus, a life where the best you is not a moment, it’s permanent.

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Through aligning with Matthews Performance Group I found a resource that shaved months off of my learning curve and got me the results that I was looking for. Our one-on-one coaching engagements and team meetings with Will exceeded my expectations and we all enjoyed the process along the way. We quickly developed a massive action plan that we tap into every day and we are accomplishing our primary outcomes consistently. Will's process gave us the roadmap. This process was not only enjoyable, but it brought our team closer together. I would unhesitantly recommend a one-on-one coaching engagement and team meeting with Will Matthews to anyone.   

- Adam Way 

Financial Services





Will has the experience and credibility of someone that has succeeded in the trenches and continues to perform not only as a coach, but as a day-to-day business owner and producer. Will has personally helped me achieve new levels of personal and professional success and I unequivocally recommend Will to anyone looking to sky rocket their revenue and make improvements in their life.  


 - Tom Murphy 


Evergreen, Colorado